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Values in Life

I do not have much knowledge to discuss on this subject, even you will surprised to know that I do not use to read novels and such kind of books but, I will try to draw a simple overview of values in life, based on my on simple mind analysis and some of my experiences.

See first thing you need to understand is; the life which you are living is not a race track. If you are just competing and running to achieve many goals without thinking, then you are spoiling not just your life but also the whole system.

Dedication and responsibility. These are the two key features of to be a human being.

Its a very general thought that "I am doing my work, who cares about system." so my dear , a person from Venus or Mars will not come and do good things for you and others.

Let’s have small story.
There were five houses in a lane and they planted a small plant and made a protocol for watering so that the plant will remain alive. According to that protocol in a day every house has to water 5 drops only which is good enough for the plant but soon two houses started to think that my 5 drops contribution won't make any difference and tomorrow any how they didn’t watered the plant. This type of thought produced a kind of frustration to those who are still giving 5 drops per day and also for the one who is dropping 10 more drops to their account also.

In a human system generally we see that how much work a side person is doing and how much i am doing. First thing you should be responsible and dedicated irrespective from the rest of the nodes
because this is the first principle of ad hoc network. Second thing you should be prepared to take burden of others responsibilities only to run the system as efficient as you want.

One student asked me a question that “I am doing a project in which we are 4 but other 2 are not working as efficiently as we did and we got same number irrespective of the hard work and the worst scenario is that other groups are coping the code form Internet and getting equal numbers what should I do”

Well my answer was: Please do not see the others progress as you should be strong enough to remain attached to your values so that you cannot deviate by any external persons act. Actually Britishers has corrupted our value based educational system is converted it to an evaluation based educational system, according to me percentage or marks are not the only criteria for the education.

Always remember that Life of short-cut is always short. I can give example of my graduation where I was putting a lot of efforts in my assignments, course work and projects and other stuffs without deviating form my thoughts, and that gave me a fruitful result because of the hard efforts put before and today I am a student of IIT Delhi. On the other hand my project mates were unable to give proper explanation of project at their interviews. If a person is not intentionally doing hard work then you are free to remove him/her from your group or if he/she is good person, you can give encourage him/her to work so that your system becomes more effective.

My basic view or motive is that you should be and remain dedicated to your work irrespective of other person's contribution, If the other person has a real soul then definitely he/she will realize his/her duty and responsibilities and then after will actively participate.

One more point I want to make is that in every system there are non-social elements their specility is they are very cunning and selfish by nature. To get rid off them is not only possible by ignoring but also you should stop supporting them at all, because the person who destroy stability of a system by some means for his benefits is not eligible to live in that system, these people are good dish(Mind) washer who destroy your individuality as well as your thinking power and then you will start categorizing the work done by you and by others.

In an organization or a company they are not only concerned with their employees work but they also foresee the loyalty and honesty in a person, all employees in an organization need a working environment and want workability. I read in a book “if your workplace is fully functional without non-social and undedicated and irresponsible person then your system will be highly productive”, and at least for my company I want the good , healthy and dedicated people around me.
Every body is aware of these small things so I am revising them.

I am just following a simple rule that for purification of thoughts remove all non-logical part of mind and then you will find that there is very simple way to get solution of any problem and your thinking will become very simple and transparent. This moment your heart and mind will not be having any difference and contradictions and you will be speaking exactly what you think without hesitations.

to be continued...........

Acknowledgement : I am highly thankful to Mr Akash Batra to correct grammatical mistakes in initial version of this article.
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This is how I Think

  • Similarity between Leaders before 1947 and after 1947 is that both use to break the rules but the difference is that one was ready to face punishment and other do not.
  • If you dare to think then dare to speak also. If you are very right then it will be a easy practice for you.
  • The greatest advantage to be right is that you can speak it against anyone and ofcourse you will not be having hesitation and fear.
  • If you take advantage of Internet, it is your moral duty that you should give your contribution to it also, however it is very small. Same rule is applicable to social system also.
  • In childhood i was taught that, If you do something wrong, GOD see it. But now i am realizing it.
  • If everybody starts following all rules and regulation then who will change the rules.
  • In my hostel I use to park my cycle very near to main entrance , a non-legal place and I am happy with occasional punishment of puncture because I feel the occasional puncture is more convenient then every day's log path for parking.
  • A person having heart beats 72 beats per minute, every time is either mad or great.
  • do not have shame while lying and pretending you what you are not really at all.
  • to be continued....