Friday, August 24, 2007

This is how I Think

  • Similarity between Leaders before 1947 and after 1947 is that both use to break the rules but the difference is that one was ready to face punishment and other do not.
  • If you dare to think then dare to speak also. If you are very right then it will be a easy practice for you.
  • The greatest advantage to be right is that you can speak it against anyone and ofcourse you will not be having hesitation and fear.
  • If you take advantage of Internet, it is your moral duty that you should give your contribution to it also, however it is very small. Same rule is applicable to social system also.
  • In childhood i was taught that, If you do something wrong, GOD see it. But now i am realizing it.
  • If everybody starts following all rules and regulation then who will change the rules.
  • In my hostel I use to park my cycle very near to main entrance , a non-legal place and I am happy with occasional punishment of puncture because I feel the occasional puncture is more convenient then every day's log path for parking.
  • A person having heart beats 72 beats per minute, every time is either mad or great.
  • do not have shame while lying and pretending you what you are not really at all.
  • to be continued....

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neeha said...

you have positive thinking.