Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gtalk status message of kartikey Bhaiya

We living in Mumbai are a scared lot, please spare us the chorus of "mumbai ka jazba" no we dont have any jazba but a freaking sick majboori to keep going in our life. please spare a thought about us who dont know if we will come back alive while going out for work. we are one of the most hardworking folks but no please dont keep testing our jazba, because each time one of us dies we are left poorer by another common man who had no option. may god give us the strength to kill and kill brutally these basterd

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don is coming back to Delhi,

Dear All,
So, Finally I am coming back to Delhi at 24 oct 2008. Hope I will carry my all activities with same enthusiasm. I specially thanks many of my friends who were the driving force for this transfer.

Narendra Sisodiya

Monday, September 1, 2008

How to make best presentation

You need to workhard to make a best presentation
setps are :

1) create a list of content of presentation
2) present it on whiteboard of room and record also.
3) see how you can make better presentation.
4) present again on whiteboard and record also. you can present using slides also
5) Now make a presentation with litsening your audio and try to make large number of slides with every slide contation minimum information.

This way you can make best presentation in the world. Its my challenge

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do we simulate Dreams ?

While dreaming we do many thing which seem to be real. much like virtual reality , but one thing very surprise to me and it should be to you also, is simulation is done by brain. We do not see recorded dreams , we dreams some thing new and react accordingly and whole dynamics of dream is seem to be actual. Its always a question that how to dream but more important , how much we can dream. 2 -3 time i got a dream inside dream even. But many times i use to know this is dream and try to wake up. I apply a lot of force to wake up. This happen with me a lot of time. once in dreaming , i was flying with rope. It is possible to fly with rope with dream because while we are dream we make a new world with new rules of dynamics and physics. But most important point ,do our brain is really such a smart fellow that we can even simulate new world. technically this is a job of many many super computer

This gives some important aspect

** Are we still in dream -- while dreaming it is difficult to know or get a thought that we are dreaming.
** we get a new world and we feels a new dynamics or world in dreams. But How it is possible ?? In term of computer , this type of simulation needs a very high processing power. So because we simulate a new environment , proves our brain really has very strong computation power also.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rail Way Reservation

I found this website is very very good in term of interface in Train Inquiry. must must use it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

small survey

I'm doing a small research survey and if possible would like you to answer the questions stated below. It's a bit personal but please give your honest answer.
"Q.1: What do you want to do in life and why (If unsure please state answer as 'Undecided') ?"
"Q.2 : Do you love what you (want to) do ? If No, why do you (want to) do it ?"
"Q.3: Give one problem in your life common to life of people around you. What could be the possible solution to the problem ? Are you doing something to solve the problem ? If yes, did you face some problem in solving the problem, please share the problem details, if possible. If no, what possibly stopped you from solving the problem ?"
Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time.