Thursday, May 7, 2009

A vision for Free of Cost IIT/AIEEE educational contents

Today and before 10 year too, We Indians started dreaming for so called big college and IITs and student like me has invested full money for coaching. Today more then 10 lakh students gave AIEEE exam. Today getting coaching for these exam is more expensive then college itself. I always advocate for collaborative shared learning. But I have a question that can have some free of cost IIT/AIEEE coaching?
Yes it is possible. These is a need of change the system a little bit. We need to understand of power of collaboration. We need to setup a Non-Profit organisation to generate the educational contents for such exam preparation. If we consider physics , chemistry , math and biology as major subject then these can be taught in 1 year at 6 hour daily in regular classroom. If 1000 student come to give their contribution toward making free of cost , publicly distributed educational material, we can make a good educational content within a month. All you need to divide topics and study well for your topic. After getting mastery you just need to present it in one day. This process take 1 week per student to create 1 video lecture. 1000 student can create 1000 episodes in a week, and in a month we can have 4000 episode educational content. This need donations too. because we need recording and publishing facility. Every videos will be delivered in public domain where i can be utilised in any way you want. I wish I could start something like this very soon.